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We Offer A Wide Variety Of IT Services

SAP Roll-Outs

Thalatren Technologies provides agile solutions and approaches for data migration to mitigate risks. The Thalatren Technologies team helps customers migrate to both platforms, i.e., on-premise and cloud. The ANG team is thoroughly trained and ready for any rollout possible, be it global template rollouts, regional or local template rollouts, training, or post-go live support services.

SAP Onsite-Offshore-Offsite Support

Dedicated development and QA teams for every project Development services related to both old and newer SAP versions Flexible software warranty period Proficiency in both SAP and non-SAP programming languages. Latest development guidelines and tool versions for HANA Customer-centred methodologies

SAP Resources (Functional/Technical Consultants) Deployment

Thalatren Technologies reach, experience, and networks of consultants bring together a unique value proposition that is constantly learning from start-up ecosystem innovations, SMB projects, and enterprise transformation projects. Thalatren Technologies Consulting Centre of Excellence (COE) draws on experienced and fresh hires to provide fresh perspectives and consulting approaches to our customers.

SAP Upgrade

Thalatren Technologies is adept at building fully integrated SAP ERP systems that bring the best-in-class ecosystems to life. The customer, marketing, sales, logistics, operations, finance, human resources, billing systems, processes, and functions are streamlined with transparency, which makes the communication between different departments flexible and fluent.

SAP S/4 Hana End-to-End Implementation

Thalatren Technologies provides its customers with a one-stop solution for SAP S/4HANA design, development, deployment, and maintenance services. Thalatren Technologies is adept at Agile project and programme deliverables to execute any size project across multiple industry domains.

SAP Digital Transformation

Small business owners and start-up founders rely on Thalatren Technologies to provide best-in-class e-commerce solutions. Thalatren Technologies is committed to providing start-up founders, small business owners, and small and medium businesses with the necessary creativity, ideation, and social media services on a retainer basis.

SAP Database Migration (Non-Hana to Hana Systems)

SAP database migration is the process of moving data from one database system to another, often to enhance performance, scalability, or reduce maintenance costs within an SAP environment. It involves meticulous planning, data transfer, and rigorous testing to ensure a seamless transition. Expertise in SAP and database management